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Other systems we looked at seemed to be much more costly, and would have taken longer to implement than M-Files. Our employees did not require formal training to become proficient with the system. It was easy to train our internal teams, and the M-Files staff was very responsive to our questions.

Thorunn Bergsdottir Quality Manager, MP Bank
We had a multitude of issues that were gradually arising as a result of people dragging and dropping files into folders, accidentally deleting things, and basically losing information.

Brett Bonenberger CIO, BSA LifeStructures


“We recently completed two external ISM code audits. Both auditors independently praised our use of M-Files in regard to documentation control and to the fact that our quality manuals were the most up-to-date.”

Andrew Daily Managing Director, Inco Ships
“M-Files makes the process of conducting tests and issuing reports to our customers much more accurate, reliable and timely.”

Jerry Curtis Director of Test Operations, Link Engineering


“We are using M-Files’ workflow features for approving invoices, handling the flow of documents from person to person based on who needs to look at document next. A number of business processes have been implemented with M-Files and this helps us out quite a bit.”

Howard Loewen President, MicroPilot
“Before M-Files, it was sometimes challenging to find the correct versions of files. When this occurred, we had to spend precious time finding them on our server. In a billable-hour environment, we have to watch the internal processes carefully.”

Martina Andersin CFO, Hill+Knowlton

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